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I have to meet with a probation officer who will be preparing my presentence report. Should my lawyer go with me to this meeting?

Absolutely. The probation officer will do the preliminary calculation of your sentencing guidelines and, therefore, will have a great deal of influence on your ultima...

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I either lost my trial or pleaded guilty in federal court, but I am not satisfied with the outcome, is there anything I can do? Find out by clicking the "Learn more" button below.

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If you or a family member has been charged with a violent crime in Dallas, please talk to our veteran criminal defense team. We have represented people charged with the most serious violent crimes on the statute books in the state. Call us at (214) 720-9552.

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MUST-READ: While the surface context of COVID-19🦠 healthcare scams might be different, the structure of them remains largely the same. Telemarketing calls, phishing e-mails, and even door-to-door visits are being used to scam thousands of people out of their insurance information.

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“Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves”
—President Abraham Lincoln

Happy 4th of July! 🇺🇸 🎆 Have a safe and happy Holiday!

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DID YOU KNOW? Coercing a student to consume alcohol or take drugs during initiations known as hazing, is linked to a steady stream of deaths in Texas. Legislation passed in 2019 toughened up the laws against hazing on state campuses.

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I have been arrested. How does bail work and how do I make a bond?

In state court, a person is entitled to have bail set in all cases except for capital murder cases. In federal court, prosecutors must prove a person is a danger to the community or not likely to show up to court appearances befo...

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Do Judges Follow Federal Sentencing Guidelines for White-Collar Crimes in Texas?

Despite the general belief that penalties for white-collar crimes are approached with leniency, such criminal activities are subject to serious punishment under both Texas and federal law. Depending on the type of c...

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What is one of the ways a criminal case could be dismissed?

When the police had no probable cause to arrest you. Police are not allowed to go around arresting citizens just because they feel like it or because they have a hunch that someone committed a crime. It is dictated by the law that polic...

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2 years ago
I am a forensic psychologist, and I’ve worked with lots of lawyers-lots of ‘em. I have worked on a number of cases with Mr. Mickelson and have come to know him and his work very well. First, he is one of the brightest, most thoughtful, creative, and incisive thinkers I know. He is a quick study who readily absorbs scientifically technical information, quickly grasps its implications, and how it could be helpful to his client. Second, I am not a lawyer, but I see lots of lawyers in the courtroom. As far as I’m concerned, Mr. Mickelson should teach trial tactics. He has ability to precisely focus on the most relevant issues and get them into evidence. Furthermore, he is very good at making the trial about the facts, his client, and not him. Few do this as well as he does. Working with him is a pleasure not just because he appreciates my work, but because it is intensely gratifying to have the opportunity to work with such a good lawyer. I will work for him anytime he asks me, and if...
- Michael G
2 years ago
Mr. MICKELSON did an extraordinary job when he helped my friend get released from Lee Sterret on some made up charges the police put on him, very diligent, professional, always keeping in touch my friend and being true to his word.
- Carlos T
2 years ago
We have our life back! Our son was accused of a crime he did not commit. Through the dedication and hard work of Mr. Mickelsen, our son was found Not Guilty. Mr. Mickelsen will forever be in our hearts with tremendous gratitude. If you are accused of something, you will be best represented and served by Broden, Mickelsen.
- Steve S

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While recognizing certain economic realities, Broden & Mickelsen also believes that the quality of one’s defense should not be based solely upon a person’s financial position. Given this belief, the firm will often undertake representation of individuals for substantially reduced fees in order to prevent a miscarriage of justice or because of the important issues involved in the case.

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